Backgammon Tasm11

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Move the pieces carefully to win.

Games like Backgammon need no introduction. Surely you know of it and the rules, and are a big fan. For this reason, in addition to that beautiful wooden board you normally use to play against your friends, you would also like a PC version. And here it is: Backgammon Tasm11.

Backgammon Tasm11 is the interpretation of the famous and classic boardgame from Tasm11, well-known game developers who offer a large number of titles. It also offers you access to all these titles via a manger called The Lobby.

A feature of Backgammon Tasm11 and all the Tasm11 games is that you can play solo, or against other players on-line. It is a way of enjoying Backgammon that won't disappoint.

NOTE: Backgammon Tasm11 is free to play individually and offline. If you want to access the multiplayer mode, you have to download the Tasm11 game manager called The Lobby, and pay the corresponding licence for each game.


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